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My Background

Who I am and where I am going

  I was born in Zaragoza, Spain. I    studied Law & Business at Icade University (Madrid). After travelling around Europe and working in Banking for 1 year, I quit my job and came to London 8 years ago. I worked at Apple while I was training to qualify as a Psychoanalyst. Believe it or not, Apple products and Freud have much in common: both are forward thinking and both represent a fusion of arts and science which “connects” very well with the beauty and complexity of the human being. 

I continue my Continuous Professional Development as psychoanalyst at “Grupo Cero” School.  In this school we read Freud’s work. In order to complete/elaborate Freud’s work, we also read Lacan and study Psycho-Somatic medicine. As part of my studies I have written some short articles addressed to whoever wants to learn and understand Freud’s work.

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