Monthly Conferences

Freud's work

If you want to learn more about Psychoanalysis and how the Unconscious leads the life of the human being, join me in these monthly conferences. I will try to explain the main psychoanalytical concepts and make them accesible to everybody. They will last around 45 minutes and you will be able to ask questions at the end.


¨The Interpretation of the Dreams¨

(Exact date & venue TBD)

With the publication of "The Interpretaron of the Dreams'  in 1900, Freud discovered the Unsconcious and psychoanalysis was born as a science. 

I will explain the meaning of a dream once it is interpreted. 


¨Repression in the dreams¨

(Exact date & venue TBD)

Repression is one of the main psychoanalitical concepts. Once repression takes place, the physic apparatus is divided into Conscience and Unconcious.
In order to access the Conscience, the Unconscious has to transform, dress up. I will explain that process in the dreams.


¨Lucy R, Case of Hysteria"

(Exact date & venue TBD)

Repression is a normal mechanism in the psychic apparatus, however, the hysterical patients tend to repress almost everything. The repression in the hysterical patients detach the representation from the affect, and that affect which is anxiety is converted into a somatic innervation. I will explain this in Lucy R. Case.


​¨Group Psychology and Analysis of the Ego¨

(Exact date & venue TBD)

What keeps a group together? What make groups stronger that isolated individuals? Freud explains that masses are held together by libidinal bonds. What keeps the masses together is the illusion that they are all loved in the same way by the leader. He studied this phenomenon in two highly organized masses: the Church and the military.